The shark fins appear, if only for a moment…..

Today was a normal day. The kids woke up before I did and ran downstairs to find the elf, “Magic”. Fighting over which one finds him first….every damn morning. Bleep bleep bleeping happy Christmas elf ;)! How I’ve remembered every night during this chaos I’ll never know. I guess I just kick ass a little (pat on back ;)). Yay me! Okay, now that that party is over, let’s get to the real topic. Frozen on ice tickets. You know everybody wants them 😐. Nice song though, just LET IT GO! Umbagada Cerumptus certainly has a beautiful voice (yes I know that’s not her name but it is a difficult name and that is what came out).

Anyway, text comes in from DH – Frozen is Wednesday. I’d really like you to go.
I took this to mean, “please make up with me for this event. I will call you saying I’m running late (from a secret strip club visit that I can’t break away from) from a meeting and could you please meet me there, after getting he kids ready alone, dragging them to the car, kicking off shoes said we go, fighting all the way there, “mommy brother hit me, whaaaaaaaaa”. Brother, no I didn’t. And on and on. Get there without the tickets bc we’re meeting him there and then a big argument happens bc he blames me for everything (parking location etc). We all go in pissed off. Grump grump grump, Ohh wow Disney on ice! Ohhhh ahhhhh. Then BAM, DH, “I’m not paying bleeping dollars for rainbow ice.” You know the drill.

Maybe I will hand them over to him. To dress, shoe, coat, chase, etc. I think he’d be overwhelmed. I really would like to go but I know it would bump us right into another cycle.

He did text me later after I text back fromthenfrozen one he sent – saying he was mad about the tracking device but knows he was the one at fault. He just wanted to blame me. He missed us all and wanted to make it better (hasn’t talked to the kids in 4 days-no goodbyes-no explanations ). The bad part is that, he wants to fix things now, after he returned from the misstresses house for 4 days. Really, I feel your remorse, cheater McNasty. Yuck.

The family thing always tricks me over to another cycle of wasted time. Damn holidays 😏. What to do what to do!

Wish me luck!

IOM ❤️



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