Epic fail

I let him back in. I told myself it was time to move on, to move forward and I let him back in. How did this happen!?! It was mostly because I hate hate hate to see my children upset and partly because I missed him but I know better. I failed. I epically failed. Now I’m not sure how to move forward. Now I will just have to wait and hope he does not mess up but if he does (as the past has predicted) I will leave stronger than before. I leave stronger every time. This last time w as much much stronger than the first. I hope and pray we can become the real family our kids deserve but I have my guard up and I will be prepared to jump if he starts the old behavior again.

Whatever ….. Person writing above…..sometimes I hate her 😏.

Anyway, we went to frozen on ice and it was delightful. I had fun with my family. I think we look happy and normal from the outside, but on the inside….mass chaos. Disney on ice
was super great! sometimes it’s fun to be a fun happy family. Maybe if the other women KD stays away and the stripper addition ends we can move towards the future . Maybe….it’s not realistic but one can hope. Defiantly less chaotic without him in my head but I do love him 😐.

This is all I have tonight. Must add more later.




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