Give Me More Time Because I Dont Want It…say What?!?

Do you ever feel like someone is speaking a different language even though you understand every individual word? Well, that is my life. “If only” I would have trusted my intuition. Ha! my soon to be ex complains constantly about the little visitation time he has with our children. he is always late, rarely calls at his nightly bedtime
call time and cancels visitation wothout even telling the kids. he is a piece of work. he wants more time to control me not to be with them. he has no ability to love. aweful!

So…im going to write a little about when i first met my husand (or my posthusband or seperusband or husassband or ok ill stop;)). this is my attempt to kept my mouth shut, even briely, about thd idiotic father of my children’s behavior.

i met my husband through my friend Kate. she is his step sister. i was at a popular bar on valentines day, with a guy friend of mine. we were both single and going out to celebrate. then he walked over. my buddy said hi to him. i thought he was cute and i started flirting. he kept returning to my side, whipering sweet things in my ear, “you smell so good”. etc. you get it. we talked a little about really nothing and then we parted ways. later that week i emailed Kate and asked her what was his deal. thats when she told me he had a girlfriend. i was like, maaan, that sucks, i thought he was cute. i went back to work and later that day i checked my email again and Kate had emailed me again to tell me that she was wrong. he and his girlfriend had broken up and he wanted my number. she gave it to him. a week later he called and we went out on a date. he was charming and he was a gentleman, opening my door for me and treating me like a lady. i liked it and i felt pretty good about him.

***in retrospect i realize that his girlfriend was quite possibly still his girlfriend but ill never know for sure.


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