Divorce is a bitch and she can kiss it!

Seriously these people with small complaints, loss of love, we have nothing in common anymore, you don’t give me enough affection, the sex isn’t enough, you’re too horny, etc…you people that get a divorce because your pathetic needs aren’t being met when you have children….you’re just dumbasses.  Divorce is a bitch and none of it’s fun.   Hurting innocent children because your interest change, your spouse doesn’t give you enough sex….you people can bite me.  I dream my problems were that simple.  I would’ve waited it out, prayed, worked on it daily and made sure my children had their family unit like all children deserve. 

My husband’s addictions, defects, anger, lies, lack of empathy, whores, sex addition before our children’s needs for a father can’t even compare.  If he broke down, admitted his problems, worked hard to repair himself and what he’s broken would have been enough for me to stay.  I could’ve moved past the hurt if he’d had the ability to care enough to think of anyone but his narcissistic self.  This would’ve hurt our children more. 

And now I the added bonus of having to worry about how to keep our babies safe when his mood changes, or when some sex game gets thrown into his vision, his texts,  anything.  I get to be a hurt, single, single mom, protecting my children without talking bad about the monster who caused all of it.  I get to talk nice about the m-fer to them the rest of my life while never being able to rest because I fear he’ll hurt them when they’re with him.  

So F you people out there whining about stupid shit and getting divorced because your ego couldn’t handle not being put up on a pedestal for the rest of your life.  Get over yourself and put yourself in line after your children. 



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