Why oh why oh why!

Seriously people!  WHY is all of this so hard!  It is not difficult to be a good person, be kind, love your family, and raise your children to follow your example in this world.  Why did I marry a con! How did he trick me?  He isn’t that cool.  HIs glass is certainly ALWAYS 1/2 empty.  Poor pitiful sex addicted, drug selling, porn producing, crazy man.  You were just a normal guy when we met.  You were just a normal husband when we had our children.  Now look at you, you’re Lamar Odem with out the basketball skills and reality tv fame.  Thank you, GOD, for holding me up.  Thank you for keeping me strong!  Thank you for my smallish boobs too.  I couldn’t carry the load of big ones with all this, soon to be ex, husband’s baggage too!

Love to all

Peace to you

Love your mama and your daddy too

Be kind

Be free

Feel the music 

It will set you free

🖕🏻<— have you noticed the new emoji?!  Glass 1/2 full baby ;)!



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