Umm say what?  

This week I had a moment of anger (hey is anyone out there reading this).  I was driving my daughter to her dance class, my son tagging along.  He doesn’t have a choice as I’m their only parent.  Remember my soon to be ex-husband is a narsissist and if you’re familiar with that then, you understand…only parent.  Anyway, I become  angry because my husband is making me live this low class exsistance dealing with him and I’m full of class (yes this is hilarious…I mean of all the things I could get mad at).  I was raised to have class.  I was taught to act a certain way, respect myself and respect others, be kind, give back to society and stay anchored to my faith.  This way wasn’t about money or lack there of but mostly about being a good person.  So I feel like he wants me to deal with his white trash world he’s decided live.  No way!  So I get mad. Really mad and it made me laugh because I realize how crazy he is and how sane I am.  It’s the little things, right.  

Oh did I forget to mention,  he was arrested last week.  ARRESTED!  Bookem Danno, he’s lost his miiiiinnnnd.  Lawd!  I just needed to vent.  Thank you for letting me. 

***I’d like to end this on a happy, or funny note.  My son (age 5) nicknamed his daddy Pooperman because when they’re with him he spends most of his time in the bathroom.  Hilarious.


One day I’ll

Be free




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