Mental Health & Prescription Pushers

Let me start by saying that I am not a doctor and some prescriptions for depression may work for some, but if I were to guess, I’d say a few actually gain more than they lose. I believe pills are pushed by doctors who were pushed by sales people and enticed by “perks” along    the prescription pad and pen train,  which I might add were left as a gift after the dynamite sales pitch.  So not only are doctors sold on the benefits of these “happy” pills but they’re reminded daily on the advertisement screaming on the side of their gifted pen.  Thanks pharma.  I’ll give it to them, they’re smart. 

I have experienced one of these medicines that I will not name.  I did not need it.  I was having a difficult period in my life and I was more anxious and sadder than normal.  I was drowning actually in grief as I am now BUT today I know better.  Going through the pain and out the other side is more healing than any pill popped prescribed to me by some Doctor that doesn’t know me but is happily getting a tan on the vacation won after writing the winning number of prescriptions.  You Go, Dr. Winner!  How proud you must feel.  I am just a file in a pile of others to you.  Review it sometime. 

10 years ago when I decided to stop taking this worthless medicine prescribed by one of you, I experienced a numbing is never felt before in my life, I felt electrical surges through my teeth from my brain.  I was lifeless, I felt gray, and I gained 20lbs.  I felt sicker than I’d ever felt and I’d stopped taking it as advised, a slow taper.  I can’t imagine what I would have felt if I had just stopped taking it without doing that.  It was an eye opening experience.  I was sold on a pathetic drug that did nothing positive.  

Today I deal with my pain with exercise and honestly it’s the best mood lifter without any negative affects.  I think instead of mood altering drugs there should be a better medical community filled with doctors that know you and follow up because they love their jobs and less doctors bullied by insurance companies and sold by Pharmaceutical sales reps who’ve been sold by their bosses or just trying to make a living.  I get it.  You’re not trying to hurt anyone.  You just don’t know.  You sell.  You don’t take.  Believe me I’ve asked.  My doctor told me no way did she take this, she didn’t take ANY meds.  My response was, “Why do you keep trying to push them on me?”  She didn’t answer.

I will say that there are so many wonderful medicines out there designed by brilliant minds to fight horrible illnesses.  I just don’t believe depression should be treated as one. 





These things heal.



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