Piggy doesn’t need a prostate exam!


Tonight I left my ex downstairs with our daughter to help our son with something upstairs and when I returned he was FIST DEEP IN HER PIGGY BANK!!!!  I immediately called him out and to put it back.  His fist is full of bills.  You see our daughter saves every penny she ever gets.  EVERY!  She is 7 and she has never wanted to spend birthday, Christmas, allowance, ANY money for anything.  She wants to save it.  She’s PROUD of her ability to save it.  It was too much to have in a piggy bank but she wasn’t ready to open up a bank account yet.  She didn’t like the idea of handing over her money to strangers and the bank, but it has been in my mind lately.  I thought I needed to bring up the idea again or at least put it somewhere else.  So today when her daddy was visiting, and I busted him stealing her money, he denied it.  Fist full of cash and he denies it.  I can’t fight him in front of her.  I didn’t want her to realize what he was doing but I knew, approximately, what was in there and I knew FOR SURE, she had a hundred dollar bill.  There was even a receipt in the bottom with the total from 2 years ago, 2 birthdays and 2 Christmases ago.  I counted her money when he left and the $100 bill was gone and the total amount didn’t even add up to the amount from 2 years ago.  HE STOLE FROM HIS DAUGHTER TO PAY A STRIPPER!!!  I’m sure the money is long gone by now and he’ll deny it forever but I know and I’ll replace it in her piggy bank, hopefully before she ever knows but he is PATHETIC!  Piggy never invited his hand shoved in where it didn’t belong.  


3 thoughts on “Piggy doesn’t need a prostate exam!

    • It was true! Completely true. He took $200 from her and $100 from our son. He makes plenty of money, he just blows it on ridiculous things. I paid them back so they’ll never know. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

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