endangered emotion

Will making love be on a endangered emotion list in the future?   With the over abundance of porn, strip clubs, hookers,  and distorted sexual images of acts that are far from being real or long lasting take away any positive emotion connected to sex and will it no longer be considered making love?

See, my ex is a sex addict.  A porn addict. A strip club addict. An addict.  He doesn’t look at sex like I do.  I think of it as many things.  He thinks of it as one.  I’ve been reading lots of studies on this for the last few years and it amazes me how blind I was to all of it.  I thought it was harmless.  I thought some of it was just for fun but now everything looks different.  It’s only getting worse.  

Real men can’t perform like these videos and real women don’t look like these women and say “yes” to having anything and everything done to them.  This is what people expect these days with  porn industries selling anyone who wants to watch such bullshit.   I mean is the future of love and romance gone away to whips, chains, men’s dicks the size of an elephant’s and women with flawless bodies and no self respect?!  I mean I love sex and I’m not afraid to experiment and spice things up but if you want me to service you for an hour and 1/2 with out anything in return, like an actor on your computers porn file you can forgetaboutit!  I am a person who needs to love and be loved and have fun and be silly and sexy and passionate and frisky and be connected to another human being.  

I read that men are suffering from erectile disfunction earlier than before because of these unrealistic sexual interactions.  They’re going out and getting prescribed Viagra or something similar and I’ve read that their dicks shrink after years of  abusing these drugs,  then they stop working. Deflating isn’t it? Whaamp whhha.

So what do we have left?  

No love. 

Depressed, disconnected people looking for connections that they don’t know because the natural seems unnatural due to poronographic images being sold to them like candy to a kid on Halloween.

I believe in love.  I believe I will make love to someone who loves me again one day and I believe I will never stop looking for that.  

It may be hard (pun, I know) but I believe I’ll find it.

I hate you porn.  I hate you strip clubs.  Hookers I hate you too but I’m sorry your past has brought you here,  but stop disrespecting yourself.  Seriously. 

If your dick looks like an elephant’s and you’ve constantly got a hard on,  I will be running away from you.  That’s just scary!  

I hope love making doesn’t disappear because of you, porn industry.  The people making money off you will also crave the connection from love one day when all the rest of this stuff gets old.  

Old and limp.



3 thoughts on “endangered emotion

  1. Lol! Oh boy…thank you for the laugh this morning. I have a lot of opinions on this but…safe to say you nailed most of them. So great.


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