I need to have better bounderies so my children’s father can’t hold me hostage when he’s suppose to see them.  He was suppose to come get them this morning, for some time with him, and he hasn’t yet.  Keeps saying he’s on the way.  Same shit he’d tell me when he lived at home and was cheating.  I’m OTW…then he’d be gone for days.  Good times👎!  He will probably show up at dinner time and think I’m feeding him too.  He’ll stop by and play family for a while and then return to his single life.  I wish I didn’t have to leave home to keep my stand against him hijacking my day.  I mean I don’t want to run away from home with the kids every time it’s 30 minutes past his pick up time.  He’s exhausting!  Personality disordered men suck.  Boundaries are hard to set at times.  I’m just not natured this way.  Why can’t everybody just be easy!


2 thoughts on “Boundaries 

  1. What about just staying at home and ignoring him when and if he arrives. Lock the doors. Disconnect the gate/door bell and continue with your day..? Not easy but seems better than having to leave your home.


    • It’s better now. I couldn’t just stay at home before because my children would have let him in and I didn’t want to upset them. He still sucks, a lot but I’m calmer and I just take action. I can’t mess with his craziness all the time. If he’s late and I have something to do then he just misses his time with them. He has to learn to be a grown up. I’m not holding my breath 😉.


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