A year.

One more before you go.

Time passes without effort and memories fade.  I am forgetting what it felt like knowing you were mine.

The sting of betrayal left me wounded and wanting.  I couldn’t grab you because that time had passed and you were gone.  I didn’t exist anymore.  You didn’t either.

Our life.  2.

I want to breathe you in. 

My flesh aches.  I miss your touch.  The hunger you had for me was so intense it would suffocate me, but now I need it back.  So much time wasted.  Fire.

Minutes pass


Hours pass 


Days go on and on forever

I’ll never be the same.

I want you here beside me.  Touch me.  Hold me tight. I need you deep inside me.  Rock me.

All night.




The air is still.   So am I.

Time keeps moving without us.



Rewind replay rewind replay rewind 


Fare the well.


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