Audio text oops

Last night, after sending the ex a text regarding one of our children, he accident oh sent me an audio text back.  It was of him and I assume his new whore friend.  She was obviously mad about me texting him and so he sells me sick.  He says, “She’s sick…it’s her mind, her heart, her brain, her legs, just everything.   Stop being such a fucking bitch.”  Nice, huh.  It made me so angry.  All of it.  I don’t know why, I mean I know he’s crazy.  Maybe the selling me sick part, what’s that about.  I felt a bit afraid.  I’m not sure if I should but I don’t understand why he’s so that.  Unless he’s selling her that he’s got these two kids that they (he and the new whore friend) can raise when I die.  Creepy.  Or it could be nothing.  I’ll never know.  I will, however, take a step back from him and his disrespecting me.  I allow a lot because of our children but I don’t have to.  I mean there are 2 choices.  We could do our best to get along I front of our children and make the best of his bad situation or I can show them how o won’t tolerate your disrespect and have zero relationship with him.  He picks up the kids and drops the off, all without getting out of his car.  We have no relationship at all and we keep a distance from each other at all time.  I think the 2nd is my only choice.  His disrespect is unexceptabke.  His lies are insane and I am not.  I’ll teach the kids how not to let someone treat you.




7 thoughts on “Audio text oops

  1. Don’t you know that men like these are NEVER at fault for anything? It is always the OTHER PERSONS’ FAULT! The true mark of a narcissistic sociopath. It will never change. When he gets tired of this new tramp… will be HER fault that it didn’t work out.

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