Please no advice, I can’t add anything else to my “to do” list.

It seems like everyone these days wants to advice me.  My doctor, a woman probably a couple of years younger than I am, is great but she’s always trying to lecture me on things.  I’m not in the mood for it.  We talked about my lack of sleep and I asked her what my options were for a short term medicines that wasn’t your typical ambian or lunesta.  I was thinking some type of Valium.  We agreed on something but I literally had to sit there for 15 minutes listening to her tell me about how research shows adults also need bedtime routines, like a warm bath, meditation, or calm yoga. I was like, “while I agree with you that those thing may help the average person with unexplained sleep problems, I am not that person.  I am not sleeping because I am worried about some current personal problems and until I come up with a solution, I will have a hard time sleeping. After that I’ll sleep like a baby.”  I just don’t think people understand having children either.  She acted like id be so much more stressed once I start working full time.  My stress levels will probably go down due to the paycheck, however my guilt levels will be out the roof. She acted like I’d be running around like crazy then. I run around like crazy now.  Being a mother is the hardest job I’ve  ever had.   It just one if those things you just don’t know until you know, things.

Let me go relax, as a stay at home mom, do some mild yoga, Bathe while meditating and take a damn VALIUM so I can go to sleep.  I promise I will only be doing 1 of those things 😉.



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