Late night ramblings by yours truly.

Sleep sometimes is the hardest thing to achieve, like an orgasm by thumbsy.  You know, that guy who couldn’t find the spot if you drew him a map…Neva gonna happen.  Which reminds me, there was a time in college when my best friend and I use to joke, after going out on dates, that “He thought I needed a roadmap.”  Which means he took my hand and placed it on his pants where his penis was, like we didn’t know.  It was hilarious.  Of course we moved our hands but how funny is that!  This is my best friend forever that had this joke with me and the only friend of mine to know this blog exists.  So just to test to see if she ever stops by I’ll tell a funny story about her and a boyfriend of hers in college.  They went in his room at the fraternity house and I went to see where they went, I think there was a party going on, they opened the door and the room smelled like a ham sandwich.  I couldn’t figure out why.  Later a found out that he wanted her to quickly jack him off and he wanted some lubrication on her hands but the only thing he had in his room was mustard.  MUSTARD!!!  How funny is that.  So for the rest of the party she had mustard stained nails and I couldn’t stop smelling a ham sandwich.  Obviously I like mustard on my ham sandwich.  

One of the funniest stories ever!  This friend of mine is absolutely the best and has the best stories ever!  Love her!  

That’s the end of this evenings edition of late night ramblings.

You’re welcome πŸ˜‰



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