Time share

My husband repeatedly cheats.
We seperate.

We work out a parenting plan, aka time share.

He takes the kids to the beach on his time when I have always taken them and he’s always tried to get out of it because he hates the beach.

I’m left at home without my entire vacation.

People say go out with your friends, enjoy your time without the kids.  Ok, I’ll go hang out with my married friends and their kids.  That doesn’t depress me.  

Again, “oh you just need to make some single girlfriends.” Ummmm, no thank you.

“You’re just being argumentative.  You need to find a new way of living now.” This conversation is actually depressing.  I like my way of living, thanks.

“Well this is just the way it is now and you’ll get use to it.” No shit but I’ll never like it.  I had a family to be a part of a family.  I actually LIKE vacations with my children.  My husband’s cheats on me, I lose and because of it and I lose chunks of times with my children. Lose.

“Well one day you’re going to meet a great guy that is going to be just wonderful.  Everything you’ve always wanted.”

Seriously people with these fairy tales.  Just say you’re sorry.  It certainly does suck and isn’t fair.  

There isn’t a rainbow shitting unicorns over here.  What I get is to share my children with a man who deserted us all for years to chase strippers and hookers.  A man who disappears for days without telling us anything and making our children worry about if he has a place to sleep, I man who blew all our savings at strips clubs and now we have to sell our house, in our safe neighborhood and move who knows where, all because his dick gets real hard on viagra.  He deserves to share this fun vacation with our children?!  He gets to take it away from me when I’m the only one who ever enjoyed it and the only one who played with our children when we were there.   I’m the castle builder, wave jumper, hole digger, race starter, water fight creator, firework lover and more.  He gets to have his fair share.  What’s fair for me.  What’s fair for our children.  They have already called crying for me.  Is that fair for them.  They probably haven’t seen the beach because hours have passed while he stares at his phone ignoring them.  Grrrr.

I get to lose a husband, lose precious memory making time, that I actually enjoy, with my children and just wait until his time is up to join them.  

Bullshit I say.

IOM 🇺🇸


2 thoughts on “Time share

  1. I’m sorry, IOM. As much as I hate the idea CF has just walked out on his kids and replaced them with her kids I’m selfishly thankful I don’t have to share them with him. I think it would really really suck to lose time with my kids, especially when, like you, I was the primary caretaker, the main cheerleader, the memory maker. It’s not fair and I’m so sorry you have to go through all this.


    • Thank you. I just wish I had started this family and had these children with someone who was great! Instead I’ve got to split time with someone who’s only care is winning. These men!
      I’m so sorry your husband just replaced your children with that losers kids! That’s awful! I hate the things are precious children have to go through.
      We all deserve better!


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