Late night ramblings, part two.


I watched ET with my littles the other day and do you remember in the first few minutes they say, “penis breath”.  Let’s just say my 6 year old son repeated it immediately.  How do they know?!  I see in my future the principal calling me because of this.  This kid, hilarious but a handful!  I mean he lives for laughter.  I guess there are worse things 😉.  Also how is it that I cry at the end of this movie STILL?!?!  I mean we all wanted ET to go home.  He was homesick BUT man he and Elliot were so connected and well, poor Elliot, you know.  I also didn’t remember Elliot’s parents being separated.  Both kids zoned in on that one.  I guess that’s good. Who knew ET was such an informative movie.  

Goodnight, Penis Breath (yep, that’s right, the Apple didn’t fall too far from the tree). 


My speak and spell was never that awesome!

Ok this time it’s for real, Penis Breath, goodnight!


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