Can’t make this stuff up!

-Drove back from vacation for swim meet and a thunderstorm canceled it.

-daughter woke up with bad cough, took her to the doctor, two nebulizer treatments (took forever), then told to go take her in for an X-ray which turned out fine.

-back in car, check engine light comes on, VSA light comes on and an !, car starts sounding like shit, won’t change gears right and sounds like a tank.  I drive it anyway the mile home.  

-starts back up fine 30 minutes later to head to the rescheduled swim meet. No warning lights.

-swim meet happens, no clouds, but   father of the year demands son do everything he says (after eating his dinner bc son walked away from it to swim in the meet)…it was late, he was tired and hungry, son freaked out finally at these demands and dad of the year said, “What’s wrong with him, is he autistic or something,” right in front of him.  Unbelievable.

– I got it together, drove home, walked in the house and slipped on slimy cat puke.

-Fed dog and let her out to potty.

-Fed the kids and got them upstairs to bed.

-Tucked everyone in, closed their doors, and head downstairs to clean up dinner, when at the bottom of the stairs….dog poopand pee.


-Let dog back out and go get supplies to clean up poop and pee at the bottom of the stairs and slip on more slimy cat puke.

Can’t make this shit up.  You just can’t.  


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