Phone died and suddenly I feel like an early settler….lost!

Here’s the sad truth, my phone is my friend.  It keeps me company when I’m alone, it entertains me when I can’t go anywhere, and it keeps me busy when I can’t stop, because sometimes thinking isn’t my friend.  My phone died during a few busy days when I had zero time to deal with it.  I felt like I had just stepped off the Mayflower in early settlersville.   It surprised me how much I use it, rely on it for everything and I am so very lost without it.  It’s so rediculous.  I mean technology is kick ass but it also gets in the way of living sometimes…you know.

When I finally went to the Apple Store, to have it repaired and I found out that that was not going to happen, (great), i waited for almost 2 hours and they took exactly 2 minutes to tell me that it was just broken.  I however, met some dude in the store and chatted him up for a little while (I mean I am super friendly and bored at this point, I’ll talk to anyone).  When I walked out of the store, so did he and he asked me if I wanted to get a drink with him  sometime.  The surprising part is, it didn’t freak me out!  This is the first time, since I separated, that this has happened and I didn’t freaked out and run (not literally…just in the “I’m going to say ok and ignore your calls” kind of way).  I may freak out if it really happens and I may run but at least I’m ok for now.  Now here’s the problem, I decided a while ago that when I do start dating, I will not mention my children unless I’ve been out with someone a few times, at least.  I will not mention that I even have children because, they’re everything to me and random people are just that, random.  I know nothing about them.  So, the problem is, I totally drive a mom car.  A freaking minifreakinvan.  It’s a dead giveaway.  It’s quite funny but then again, not.   What to do, what to do?

It seems like I’m getting hit on a lot lately.  Weird.  Maybe the ringless finger is all it is or maybe it’s the middle of the hot summer and we all have less clothes on and are tan.  Who knows.  At least it makes me feel relevant when I really haven’t felt that way in a long time.  Too much baggage and not in my 20’s anymore….you know, the relevant years.

One day at a time.  


5 thoughts on “Phone died and suddenly I feel like an early settler….lost!

  1. I know what you mean about the phone. I know one person’s phone number now. I resisted using speed dial as long as possible and now with cell phones I have no clue. I’m on my phone all the time when I’m not busy- browsing the Internet, playing Candy Crush and other games, checking out Facebook, reading email.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mentioning you have kids since you drive a minivan and think it’s a dead giveaway. I wouldn’t introduce them and possibly wouldn’t even talk about them but I don’t see the harm in letting someone know you have kids.

    I think it’s great someone asked you out. I’m nowhere close to ready to date and probably won’t ever, in fact, but it would be a great ego boost to have someone interested.

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