The dating world is weird…can’t we all just be honest. 

If you’ve read anything I’ve written recently, you would have read that I went out on a couple of…casual, short dates recently.  The first since separating from my husband and 10 year marriage.  He was 8 years younger and a texter…scratch that, an “aggressive”texter.  14 years ago when I started dating my husband, texting was very, very minimal.  You had to peck out every letter on the number pad.  Total waste of time.  Today texting is the preferred (well not 100% for me but close, in most situations) method of communication.   With the ease of texting, is the ease of not.  I learned it is called, “ghosting”.  Which is fine.  Nothing much was happening with him, although sex would have been great because, well…its be a while and I’m a sexual person.  Seriously need to get some…sorry tmi but I’m a grown up and let’s get real, sex is a human need.  I need it.  Anyway, this young (probably hung) man decided to stop communicating with me mid text.  Wierdest thing ever.  Confusing but whatever.  This is how it is now.  To be honest, all I wanted to do was get laid, so your loss dude.  I’ve got skills…and apparently jokes.  Haha.  The problem is, now I crave it and before I was content in my wounded little world, raising my children and just being.  Now I crave it and think about having someone to joke around with, get naked with, and just fill some of the minimal amount of free time I do have.  I kind of miss the ignorance I was living in before.  I have no idea how to get to where I want to be and dating sites aren’t where I want to be.  It’s too unnatural for me.  Totally not trying to say anyone who’s using them out there is doing something wrong. It just isn’t right for me.  But Fffffff!  I checked this guys Instagram yesterday and a couple days before yesterday but found out yesterday that he blocked me.  I found that weird since I’ve had zero communication with him.  Why would someone take the effort to do that to someone who isn’t trying to communicate with them?  It’s not like he can tell if I’ve looked at his page.  I’m not sure if he’s looked at mine.  I don’t care if he does.  I was really just curious.  Thought maybe he was dating someone else which would explain the disappearing.  Just wanted to solve the mystery.  Nothing more.  So if any guy reads this out there, enlighten me.  I’m just trying to navigate around this new dating world and well, I thought that was so odd. 
Anyway, here I am craving things today that I was denying I needed a few weeks ago.  It’s kind of wonderful and kind of sucks but one thing is true, I’m so over my husband.  That’s refreshing.  

Love and Hugs to all you beautiful souls out there 😘iom.


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