“Your son is brilliant”!

Those are the words the psychological examiner started our meeting to discuss my wiggly little 6 year olds IQ and learning disability testing.  

She followed with, “B is a very bright child who is considered “gifted” (insert mommy tears).  More specifically, B is a gifted child who also has ADHD and executive functioning deficits.  

After going over every detail of the test included how he acted etc she goes on to tell me that he is going to be fine and that he would excel in adulthood.  My goal was to do whatever needed to get him through school.  

I got this!  

Maybe his IQ will bump closer to Einstein’s 😉.  

I really just wanted to share this because my little boy, who gets in so much trouble, weekly, at school….my little B who no one says anything good about, is gifted .


He will do extrodinary things!  

I am so proud of this mom win!  I’m so proud of me knowing there was something wrong, that my boy was smart and not purposely a trouble maker.  I’m so happy I caught this before his deficits stand out more than his intellect and his behavior gets him labeled a “bad kid” which would distroy his self esteem and lesson his chance to succeed.  I’m so excited that now I will be his strongest advocate and I know how good at am at fighting for my children.  In the end he will move mountains!  

That made my day :).



3 thoughts on “Bright!

  1. A teacher friend of mine once told me that frequently those kids that aren’t staying still are the ones bored out of their minds because they’re so smart. I had a lot of problems with Picasso stemming from the fact that he was bored. He’s still bored, but at 14 he’s learned how to manage his boredom (plus he has no other diagnosis).

    I was really proud of him for choosing the high school he did. It was an IB program plus an excellent Honors and AP program, so hopefully he will be challenged more in the next four years.


    • My B is bored as well. They do take soooo long to go over 1 simple thing. I remember vividly, doodling to pass the time as the same topic was discussed for a week before we could work on anything. Dreadful! I hope my soon will learn to cope like your son has seemed to do. You must be so proud of his choices. These kiddos are such blessings!


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