My son, ADHD, and the BIG school meeting. 

I feel like I’m cramming for an exam.  I’m all panicked.  Researching like a crazy person. Organizing a binder, punching holes, examples of his assignments that work for him, examples of assignments that haven’t, and suggestions for positive behavior modifications that won’t break him, won’t kill his spirit, his spunk.  If you’ve read anything I’ve written you know that recently my son was officially diagnosed for ADHD which includes a great need to move, major impulse control, and a very high IQ.  Didn’t know they were testing his IQ but happy we got one win, even if it complicates things a bit.  Although he most likely hasn’t gotten anything out of his formal education for the last 2 years he is still above average in his academics but from where his IQ is, it’s not good enough.  It seems he’s been filling in the gaps from what he’s been too distracted to hear, from knowledge he already has.  He gets in trouble constantly and he hates school, feels like a failure at everything he tries, but he isn’t.  He just struggles with impulse control and gets in trouble a lot.  That’s why I pushed to get him tested and this is why we are where we are now.  I will not let this break him, like it broke me (even though I cruised through until about middle school before it started to crush me).  My ADD didn’t include hyperactivity, disruption and misbehaving.  I just couldn’t organize anything and remember anything which really screwed me up.  I went from being the best student to, “she just doesn’t seem to care anymore”, “she isn’t trying hard enough”, “she’s a smart girl but she lost her motivation”.  Those stupid sons of bitches 😉.  They didn’t know what they were doing but shit, what was wrong with them?!?  Every kid wants to do good in school.  EVERY ONE!!! If a child isn’t, then something is wrong.  If they act like they don’t give a shit, it’s because they’ve been told that they didn’t so much that they start to believe it.  I made it where I am fighting all the way.  No way am I going to let my child go down that path too.  No way.  I’m going to know everything I can to make this work for him because he deserves it.  Every kid does.  They’re either going to hate me or love me but either way they’re going to know I’m paying attention and my child is going to get every chance he can to be anything he wants to be.  I won’t back down 💪🏻.  Not even an inch.  

Back to cramming for this school meeting on THURSDAY.  Yep, little bit crazy mom.

I probably need to chill out, huh 😉.  I’m just a little bit passionate about this.  Teeny tiny bit😉😊.  Roar!




11 thoughts on “My son, ADHD, and the BIG school meeting. 

  1. Remember how you act during that meeting, will set the tone for how the teachers treat your child.

    My ex “roared” at our oldest child’s first IEP meeting, and we had nothing but trouble because she turned everyone off.

    There is a time for roaring, and a time for purring. Choose them wisely.


    • Thank you. I roar at home but I’m charming and kind and sweet in person. I just pay attention to details and I’m obsessed with knowing the law regarding this. I actually like his teachers and the school. I’m sure they’ll do a great job. I’m just prepared if they don’t :).


  2. Good mommies Roar! My thinking is off the charts as I believe most kids need to move, jiggle and shake AND that it is the system that needs to change vs the child. But continue being an advocate. I worked with children for years with diagnosis ranging from FAS, ADHD, to Autism and then to Cerebral Palsy. I made a point of focusing on the person with awareness of the diagnosis but more focus on the person. Fitting is not the be all end all and one thought that I would love for you to entertain is this:

    It really does not matter in the early years. You might think it does…you might feel you are preparing him but children prepare themselves and succeed in their own style as they grow. My exampe is my oldest son who has been homeschooled but primarily learned through play his entire life up untill this year he entered grade 10. He is kicking ASS because he is ready and wants it and has matured…….plus had a LOT of play time. It is not my success though….it is his and has a lot to do with his personality. My next one down….might not do as well based on his style and personality. So I would never tell anybody to homeschool but look at my example of a glimpse that the pressure you feel is unfounded. He will find a vocation and lifestyle that he fits…..and the best thing you can do along the way is Honour who he is.

    I hope your meeting goes well.


    • Thank you! I believe the school system needs to change as well but I can’t hold my breath on that one. I’m just trying to give him the best chance he can have. I know he’ll find his way academically and find a place he’ll want to be as an adult. I just want to make sure no one breaks his spirit on the way to find that. Kids like him get negative treatment constantly. No one can take that and come out with a high self esteem. Not without help. My goal is to help push away the negativity so he can find his way. He’ll climb by himself 🙂. I’ve considered homeschool but not at this point. It’s something I always said I’d do if it would make a better situation for either of my children to learn and grow freely. Thank you for the advice. I know it will turn out well as I’m the leader of this pack 🙂💪🏻😉!

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