Stress BALLS!

Tonight I made 6, yes 6, of those squishy stress balls. I’ve obviously lost my marbs…oooohhhhh marbles might be fun to put in one. See, effin crazy. I’m nervous about having it all together for my meeting at the school tomorrow about my son. I have to be prepared, so I know what I’m talking about and there is no, absolutely no way I’ll be a pushover and allow them to not do things the way I think is best. I mean this is their job but he is *my* son.

In the moments of this day where I allow myself to miss my mother on her birthday, I started to think about my past.Β  Β I was reminded of a simpler time, when I was a child, and at my grandmother’s house.Β  Relaxing Β on the couch, in her den, I watched TV as she gabbed on the phone in the kitchen. I’d always fall asleep listening to theΒ show Moonlighting as it was coming on TV. So many TV show theme songs pepper my memories growing up. Even the ones that were only background noise. Even now hearing that song makes me yawn. Maybe I should put it on a playlist of sleepy music for those restless nights.

I’m not sure anyone was monitoring what I watched either. Wasn’t this show a little much for a kid. That may explain my sense of humor.

I sure hope I’m prepared for tomorrow. I hope I don’t do that nervous talking thing I do. At least I’ll appear like the friendliest person EVER if I do. All good things.




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