Six – 21 

Six years today without my mother.  I wrote about her earlier this month, on her birthday so I won’t do that again.  I will say she was the absolute best and loved me like I was the most important thing to her. I miss her.  I’m ok because of her and because of great friends and family.  Today I welcome any and every distraction.  These few things I cherish from her I will share with you.  I’ll also give you this advice, if you still have your parents, spend time with them, let them talk, tell them you love them EVERY time you speak, and hug them EVERY chance you get.  No one and nothing ever replaces them.  The same emptiness is as present today as it was 6 years ago.  It can’t be filled.  I miss her so.  ❤️

Very precious things to me….❤️


9 thoughts on “Six – 21 

  1. The date on the first note was my mamas’ birthday. You are so blessed. Of the fifty-eight years I knew my mama, she never once called me, hugged me or sent me a card. She never wrote me a note. She never called my by name.
    What I wouldn’t give for my children to post something like this about me. Your love and admiration for her shines through your words and her affection and love for you is so evident in her words. I know you will cherish them and her memory always.


    • I think the connection means something. Maybe it’s my mother sending you the love that you need. She sure would have loved you too, if she had known you and notice that you needed mothering. She was the “favorite” aunt to all my cousins, the best mom to my brothers and me, and she took many others under her wing to love. Maybe her love was too big to stay around longer than she did.
      I’m so sorry your mom was like that. She didn’t deserve you and what a wonderful person you developed into all on your own. That says A LOT about the kind of person you are. The fact that you “hope” your children say these things about you makes me believe they already do. Hugs and love to you!


    • It is the worst and you’re right, it doesn’t matter what age you do. I had people my parents ages come to me to talk about the pain they felt after losing heir own. Age didn’t matter, they just needed me to say something ‘real’ when everyone says all the things that make you numb. They were just as hurt as I was even if their parents lived past 100.
      Thank you for caring. You are very sweet.


  2. I love the handwritten note. That is the manifestation of a mother’s blessing, and I would hold it close and dear. It is a very real example of how you can be with your own kids. Their sense of wholeness will come from knowing the unconditional love their mom has for them.

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