Yes, all of these! 

….my poor babies.


8 thoughts on “Yes, all of these! 

      • I knew my oldest was. She was a born leader…competitive…overbearing and somewhat of a bully, but I didn’t let her get away with it in front of me.
        When she got older, she bullied the rest of my children and then me. Even Loser told her once, to not be like him…but she is.
        I haven’t spoken to her in almost two years. After the send-off she gave me, I just couldn’t.
        If the have narcissistic traits, they have them. All narcissists lack empathy. You can’t teach that.
        You should also know that all bullies are cowards. She and Loser would say and do terrible things. Then they’d forget about it and think we had too. If we got mad…they got mad at us for getting mad at them. No apologies and then the blaming us started.
        I knew nothing about narcissists until a year and a half ago.
        By then…it was too late for me.


        • That’s so scary. I hope neither one of them have inherited it. My daughter worries about everyone, like me. She’s all about making sure things are fair for everyone. She’s competitive but I think that’s just her. She just tries hard. My son is difficult but I think (and pray) it’s because of some other issues that we’re working on. He’s just wild! He does take out his frustrations on his sister but he does care about others. I pray every day that they’re both more me. EVERY DAY! Thank you for sharing.


          • My oldest always “took charge.” But she started doing it in ways that were just being a bully.
            I gave #1 and #2 a lawn mower. They switched back and forth with it. When #2 bought her own lawn mower (without first consulting #1) it caused a year long rift between them.
            #1 and Losers’ attitude was always to get mad about everything.
            I mean, Loser fought his way to the top of the newspaper chain and it only lasted a year and a half before he was fired…for the way he treated people. He never thought it would happen because he was, after all, “God.”
            I hope your little ones are forward thinking and self-confident.


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