~As long as I can~

Have you ever been so drawn to someone it feels like you’ve know them forever.  I crave that kind of connection.  Most of my friendships started this way.  We just click.  Most of my romantic relationships start this way, there’s just that knowing look. There’s always one connection that seems bigger than the others, the one you keep going back to in your mind.  The one that is always making you smile and keeping  your focus.  Maybe there’s a lesson there, maybe there’s a reason but whatever it is, you never let it go because it feels right, so you hold on to those thoughts as long as you can because it feels right. Warm.  It seems to protect you from the monsters you fear…safe. Spooning thoughts.  What’s better than that, idk maybe great kisses.  Whatever it is I want to know.  Feels right.

Late night sleepy thoughts by me 😋🦄🙀~iom


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