…and whew, I’m back.

One more day of this month from hell!  Seriously November keep moving OUT!  I do not give thanks to you.  I will rip you out of my calendar next year.  You don’t exist to me anymore.  


4 thoughts on “…and whew, I’m back.

    • I understand completely. I had a rough day yesterday and wrote some things I posted then erased. I’m just still so broken from the abuse and not at all ready to trust another person…the fear of all the words being lies is still ingrained in me. It sucks. I will push it out eventually…hopefully.
      I like living in anger sometimes. It is safer than being sad. Anger protects.

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      • The one safe place you can vent in here. We understand. I even understand the “liking to live in anger.” I like living in solitude. It’s comforting. Nobody is going to fuck me over if I’m by myself. I live in the world of wanting revenge. It’s just not right for people to be emotionally murdered and left ruined and the person who did it, just walks away clean. I don’t want to wait for Karma. …so I write stories about vengeful women instead.

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