This One is For Me…
~Shelter – ttb ❤️

Hey little girl with your big blue eyes and wide smile. Live this life and remember to…

Love the years when there were all those  arms to catch you when you’d  fall.

Love the times when your parents dreamed a big, happy life for your future.

Love the days where you nap leaning on your big brother’s shoulder because he is your hero.

Love the smell of fresh-cut grass and be proud of the trees you climbed.

Growing was easy, swimming was fun. You weren’t even scared when you were thrown in when you were 1.

You were the loudest, spunkiest little dancer in the children’s choir even when your mommy asked you to stand still like everyone else.  You couldn’t.  You were too happy.

You were so loved

Remember these things, sweet girl because one day you’ll be blue and you’ll need to remember all of these things to survive.  They will be there to hold you up and make you strong when you are on your own.  Remember sweet girl when everyone was good and loved you without lies, sadness, hurt or fear. Don’t ever forget that you were so loved.  You were loved by everyone without needing to be anything other than who you were.


You will be hurt.  You will be treated like you’re not as important as everyone else.  You will be called every name in the book.  You will be discarded, used, lied to, pushed, hit, choked, and put in line behind people and told you just needed to deal.  You are none of this.  You deserved none of this. You didn’t do anything wrong.  No one should make you cry. No one should make you sad and no one should ever disrespect you for any reason. No one should make you feel you should be anything other than YOU.

Because little blue-eyed, wide smiled baby girl, nick-named Ebba…YOU were so loved.  YOU were hugged and treasured.  YOU were amazing and could swim like a big kid at 2.  YOU could climb trees and run fast and there were always many arms ready to pick you up, swing you around, and love you big time.  You were showered with kisses because you were cute and you’re still a little cute today 😉.  Expect the same thing that you were given back when you never had to ask.  Remember the time when you were everything you needed to be just being you.  Respect yourself and take nothing less than you deserve.  Many people will try to break you down remember they cannot.  You keep moving on.  Love yourself because you are absolutely great and those that can’t see that will just miss out.  You are genuine and you are real and true.  There aren’t too many people as loving and caring as you.  Never forget that.  Never. Never. Never ever.

Never give up.

You will be ok.

Keep smiling.


*To those that I love.  I will never hurt you purposefully and if I have hurt you accidentally, I am very, very sorry.  










3 thoughts on “This One is For Me…

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  2. This is the saddest post of all. More than all of the ones where you detail all the crap you had to deal with. Little girls need to grow up to be loved and treasure and feel safe, and love and treasure and provide a safe home in return. I’m so sorry this was stolen from you. You have done amazingly well, and you should be proud of yourself. That little girl could never have imagined how tough she could be. You are loved.

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