A Good Day

Good days should be written about too. Today was pretty great.  Both of my kids are feeling better, I heard from my son’s teacher that he did really well last week, I found this fun stocking stuffer hug bracelet and the kids were told today about their super surprise Disney vacation.  There has been lots of excitement in my home today.  Me included.  Some days just absorbing the magic from their excitement is plenty.  Their little eyes light up, their big happy smiles, and their love is enough to never say a word about any of the rest of it.  I really love being a mother.  It’s a gift.  I want to soak up every minute of it.

It’s the little things ❀️.


4 thoughts on “A Good Day

    • This is something my mother-in-law (I will never call her ex. She is my earth mother 😊) and I have been planning this for a while. This is the bizarro part, my MIL, my step MIL, my children and I and also my ex are going. We made an agreement through all the bs that we would both be there at all the big events. He’ll behave since he’s with all us women. Plus it is going to be kid focused. No one here understands how I can do things like this but I do it for the children. My love for them rises above any negative feelings for what he’s done.
      I’m really close to my exes family, especially his mother and his step mother. I’m closer to them than he is. It’s an extremely odd situation. He’s leaving early too so he won’t be there the entire time.

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