I’ve had all these thoughts running around my head that I planned to write about but I decided to run to the store first.  That’s where my plans changed and I decided to talk about something lighter.  I want to talk about how little things make big differences in people’s lives and how we should all try a little harder to be kind.

I’ve been flipping between feeling heavy and light emotionally for the past month or so.  I never really know what each day will bring.  Today I’ve been feeling steady and level…busy.  I’m in the store trying to remember my mental list when I approach a nice older lady studying her written list, she looked at me and I smiled and go on my way.  This is my normal silent greeting to people.  So many people look hard and distant and I always try to take a second to pleasantly connect.  It’s important to me to make eye contact and smile, especially with older people and children, they’re always the ones without their faces zombied in on their phones. The world looks so cold when we forget to look up and be alive.  

I finished my shopping and headed for the register.  I watched a lady in front of me with her 2 children, a couple years younger than mine but with the same level of wildness.  She looked frazzled.  I felt her exhaustion. Then it was my turn and as I was checking out that older lady that I smiled at earlier, came up to me and said, “I just wanted you to know, you have a beautiful smile.”  I mean, how nice was that?!? She made my day and sent me off smiling out the door and feeling pretty good.  It’s the little things that mean big things, change moods, and makes you feel….I don’t know…alive. 

This is not the first instance that someone, at this same store, recently has said something very nice to me, for absolutely no reason.  The other time this lady I’ve bonded with at the bus stop over our marital problems was walking out as I was walking in and she said, “Everytime I see you and you smile you bring sunshine into my life.”  Seriously, how nice!  It made me feel like I was doing something right in this world, just being kind, just being me.   Affecting people positively feels great!  It makes me feel like skipping.

So instead of blah, blah, blahing about the other topic that was running through my thoughts I decided to go with this one. Everyday we all should try to connect with one another.  We should try to brighten people’s day.  We should ask people about their days and really listen when they tell us.  We should smile at each other and tell each other to “Have a nice day”.  Maybe people don’t do this as much these days.  I’ve never stopped but it seems now that I get complimented on it that maybe I’m one in a few. Maybe people don’t really take the time to look outside their bubble and venture into the world and connect.  I hope not.  

Go out in the world today and smile and be pleasant and kind.  Help an elderly person struggling, help a mother who has her hands full or just smile and connect with someone and let them know they’re important in this world.  Wouldn’t you want that for you?  I do.  


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