Part 1

The garage door motor turned on and the door began rolling up. The kids jumped up from the dinner table and rushed to the door. It  had been a long 10 days since they’d seen their father. They started squealing, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” She followed closely behind them to get to him. She was glad he was home but couldn’t forget he chose to leave, against her request to not go. The kids, a energetic 2 year old boy and a 3 year old wide eyed little girl, ran to him as he cracked open the door to his car. They jumped into his arms, full toothed smiles repeating “daddy, daddy, daddy.” She stood a few feet back watching and waiting….would he come to her, hug her, tell her how sorry he was for being so selfish? Did he bring her back a gift to show he had thought of her? She stood waiting but when he put the kids down and they ran back inside, he fell to his knees and started crying. He didn’t look at her. He didn’t glance at her until he wiped his face after she asked why he was crying. He said that he had missed them so much. She knew that wasn’t it. She knew he had done something awful. It was written all over his face. They walked in the house together and directly to the dinner table, where the kids were happily waiting. They were so excited for daddy to fill his seat. The 10 days he was gone, that seat seemed so empty. Our family incomplete.  They were thrilled to have all our family puzzle pieces back together but they were oblivious to what was lying underneath.


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