***this is for me and for anyone else out that it may speak to, but…..this is to me from me.

This is my one life.  The only one I’ve got to live and I can’t waste one more second of it on any person out there who doesn’t love and care for me.  I can’t waste my time trying to make another person care for me that just doesn’t!  I will spend the rest of my life loving the people who love me and not fighting for love from someone that just doesn’t.  I’ve seen the life drain out of the eyes of my parents out of beloved pets and one thing I know is this life is short. It’s not meant to be sad.  We all suffer but we don’t have to live in that pain.  Some of us can move out of it with ease and others, like myself struggle to climb out of the sludge that others have thrown at us . Words we’re, I’m, still trying to wash off of me…shit I didn’t deserve.  That’s just it, I didn’t deserve it and I’m not going to live in it!  One life.  My life.  No one gets to steal it from me without a fight and I’m a fighter!  My life and the lives I grew within me, that’s what I’m living for.  Time doesn’t stop and wait.  Time ticks on as an enemy and a friend but it never stops.  It never waits and neither will I.  I will love freely and I will breathe in this God given life that I’ve been gifted.  I will remember all the good things I was taught by the loving arms that use to tuck me in at night and the loving arms that loved me into this world and I will give that love out.  I will love my children so that never one day nor one single minute will ever doubt the love that is always theirs from me.  I will be open to love another but I’ll never chase a love that isn’t mine.  Never.  Never again, never for a single second because I deserve to be loved without doubt.  Love from family, friends, lovers….I’ve give it out and I’ll receive it but never will I fight for it.  I will fight for me! I will put light out into the world that often so dark.  I will be light. I will be love.  I will be me, happily.
And thank you SNL for reminding me of Sturgill Simpson so I could bump into this song.


5 thoughts on “Life

  1. Wonderful words of strength, determination and perseverance. Time may heal broken hearts but the scars will always be there. They will fade and new life will emerge with every beat. That is what I hope for you. 🙂


  2. Good thoughts my lady. Sometimes that all we got and it is always the place to start! I feel the same but even a step further. Not only will I not fight….I will also be more mindful of where I leave myself vulnerable and where I put my trust and energy. I have always been so OPEN and I love it but I think it is time to be selective and discerning with it.


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