Part 5 (The First Affair)

*I was having a hard time writing more of this before but after a break I think I can finish it. 


They just made it in time to catch the  flight.  This always angered her especially when two little kids in tow and all of the luggage.  He, by nature, was late.  He once said, “I’d rather make someone wait for me than for me to sit around waiting for someone  else.”   She knew that was why they were always late.  She learned to pick her battles and strap on running shoes to make up for the rest.  They were the last people to board and he wanted their daughter to sit with him (his golden child) and their son to sit with her.  That lasted until they were in the sky when both kids wanted mommy.  He grumbled when their little girl went to sit with mommy.  That’s where they felt safe. She was their constant parent and they both wanted her.  He wasn’t trustworthy nor was he nice.  His was mad.  His blood was boiling that she did make either of them return to him.  The kids were sharing a seat watching a movie tucked beside her.  Why change that.  They were quiet and happy.  He told her she was fucking ridiculous, that he was their father.  She didn’t even comment.  Did he even notice that she hadn’t done anything other than manage to keep both children safe, quiet, and happy during a full flight when she still couldn’t even see straight from their conversation the night before and lack of sleep.
They landed in Ft Lauderdale that morning and got picked up at baggage claim by his dad and step mother.  She was still pushing through.  Moving through with the tasks.  She was afraid she’d crumble once they were settled and their bags were unpacked. She smiled through the pain but the tension was obvious and his step mother (and her good friend) was quietly observing and although she didn’t know why, she felt the need to start taking care of the kids.  His step mother just slowly, without making it obvious, started taking over for her.  She snapped the kids in their car seats and gave her front seat over to him. She was trying to get closer to her and to help with the kids.  She made eye contact with her and saw the tears well up in her eyes.  Her instincts were right.  Somethings was terribly wrong.


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