My ex just called to discuss, angrily, how many goldfish he has estimated that I have allowed our son to eat this year…..WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Does our son eat goldfish, sure.  Obsessively, no.  Everyday, no.  As a meal, no.  As a freaking snack at times.  Who cares!!!!  He went on to say I feed them poison.  I feed them nothing but junk food.  This is me, the mom with one child dangerously allergic to peanuts, and use to be allergic to treenuts and egg and a son who is a picky eater.  A son who has ADHD and a son who is an extremely stubborn picky eater but he doesn’t eat crap all day!!! I pack their lunches with fruit, a vegetable, dairy, and a protein every single day unless I am struggling and those days are not too often.  I cook dinner most every night and I try to find one thing every night that I know they’ll eat.  The only time a goldfish made it to dinner is when a put a few on a salad, like s crouton, to trick him to eat the salad.  It worked.  

This asshole has decided to pick this fight with me for some other reason.  He has a routine.  This is it.  Fighting  me on a made up amounts of some food he doesn’t approve of, that he assumes I’m feeding our children.  As far as I’m concerned it’s none of his business what I feed them.  

So he’s has won again because it is affecting me.  He knows how important it is for me to be a good mom and he loves to try to point out any or make up any reasons to why I’m failing. At least I’m here and at least I love them EVERYday and not just when I feel like it.  What a fucking douchnozzle!!!!

He sucks so bad.  Fucking ass.  

Sorry potty mouth was nessesary.  



11 thoughts on “Goldfish 

  1. Iom, I have a poster that is perfect for you. If you apply it to your ex it will release you from the effect he is trying to have on you.

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  2. Wow he sounds like a keeper! NOT!!! lol People can try and feed you poison in the form of words but that does not mean you have to drink it. You are better than that and what he says, says more about him than it does you. You sound like you have the strength still to overcome this and with that strength you will move and he will be left merely just cast in your shadow dwelling in his negativity and self loathing. You will be like a shining star casting out your light for all to see. Believe that and the universe will respond accordingly.

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  3. Next time he starts in with that shit try one of these: 1. I’ll give your comments all the consideration they’re due. 2. I understand. 3. I’ll look into that. 4. Not today, Satan. 5. We’re going to need to table this discussion until later (meaning never!). 6. Cool. 7. Really? 8. Good to know. 9. Thanks for the information. Bye bye. 10. I no longer need to listen to these rants; you can call back when you get your attitude in check. Click! Of course, my personal favorite would be: Fuck. You. But you seem like a pretty nice person so maybe try one of those others. 😉

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