Precious Moments

I just passed by the preschool my children use to attend and it pulled at my heart.  They were just there, weren’t they?  Those round little faces, the running into my arms when I picked them up, the joy.  Oh those precious moments.  Just like the ones now that are passing by.  

That got me thinking, why must I worry so much about things when all I ever needed and wanted was them.  A family. A purpose.  Sure a husband was in this picture but even without one the picture still remains.  Why should I worry and feel sad when I have so very much?

I have to give my worry away.  I must release it and I must trust that there is and there always has been a plan for me.  I am not in control and I have never been.  I have been blessed in many, many ways. I have to live and enjoy my most precious gifts before the time slips away.  They are who I dreamed of all my life and I was lucky and received this precious gift.  I will not let it slip through my fingers. 

There are a lot of scary days ahead of uncertainty.  There are many things I do not have an answer to but I have to trust that I will be lead in the direction I need to go.  I must have faith. One day not soon from now, this elementary school will tug at my emotions just as the preschool does now and I don’t want to have any regrets.  This life isn’t going to wait around for me to live it. 



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