Red Flags and Narcissist  

There can never be enough said about this subject of red flags.  When you begin a relationship with someone and there’s just something that feels off, pay attention.  Your intuition is usually right on.  Please don’t push down these feelings because you think, you’re too cautious, you’re imagining things because you’re afraid to be hurt, or maybe you don’t want to lose what appears to be a great man (or woman but I’ll be referring to this person as a man.  Flip it to suite you) to be with forever.  When you have a feeling in your gut, don’t be afraid to question it and if you’re met with answers that aren’t answers or ignored, pay attention.  Something isn’t right.

When there are Red Flags in the beginning of a relationship don’t trick yourself in believing the issues will work themselves out.  They will but at the expense of losing yourself completely and being bullied and abused for years or for life.  Losing yourself isn’t worth it.  Losing someone who seems like everything except something doesn’t feel right, isn’t worth losing yourself over.  Take your time before ever marrying someone like this or just even being in a committed relationship with someone like this.  Find the answers out!  Don’t commit to anyone that doesn’t feel 100% right.   Don’t ignore the signs!  The signs, the red flags, are signs that this may be a bad decision. I wish I hadn’t ignored mine but again, I was young and in love.  

Red flags are real.  Trust your gut.  It never lies.  ❤️


6 thoughts on “Red Flags and Narcissist  

  1. I can’t stress enough hope important it is to trust your gut! Sadly, I didn’t see any red flags in the beginning. Then again, we meet and married in 7 months. That probably should have been the red flag.

    But during his affair, both times, my gut was screaming loudly. I knew something was off.

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