Wait…I forgot to make Tacos!  

Honestly I suck at following through on some of my ideas and I’m feeling the urge to ignore this one, but I will not.  I will push through.  It is appearing to be rather  boring.  I’m ready for spring and summer.  My social life is more exciting then.  Haha. However I will point out, it is just Tuesday and I forgot to make tacos 🌮 for Taco Tuesday!!!  Whhhhaaaatttt.  I know…shocking 😳!  So heeeerrrrreee we go.

  • I remembered to buy pet food today. This doesn’t sound like a positive but when you’ve forgotten it for two days it becomes a big one!  
  • I exercised.
  • I found some leads and made some plans about future employment.  
  • I reconnected with a dear friend.  Refreshing.
  • I found out my nephew is getting baptized soon.  Yay Owee!
  • My wild child came home with a note from his teacher.  He handed it to me and said, Mommy, it’s a bad, bad note. He handed to me grinning. His teacher said he had been exceptional the last 2 days!  Yay!  
  • My daughter brought home some work in some of the advanced studies she’s doing, and it was perfect.  She’s such a hard worker. 
  • It was a beautiful day and I spent a lot of time outside.  I love nice weather and sunshine filled days.  It makes me a happy, happy girl.
  • Also I’d like to add, it was another good hair day.  Haha.  This cracks me up even if it’s true.  It’s funny to mention

And that’s Tuesday for ya!  That’s how you do a Tuesday.  I’ll also add some Valentine’s Day funnies.  I’m not sad that I’m alone, it’s just another day.  I did meet my ex on Valentine’s Day and it happens to be his birthday but it still doesn’t make me feel a negative emotion.  It’s not a bad memory.  


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