A memory from this date popped up on my Facebook page and it was something I wrote in the middle of all the madness years ago.  

I remember when I wrote this.  I remember having the strength to pull out of my sorrow and love my children.  I look back and think, she was awesome.   That was me.  I need to stop with all this self doubt bs and move forward.  I can’t let anyone kick me down.  I’m coming back  world…watch out!  Stopping the noise! Finding my joy!

Now off to plan my spring and summer concert schedule.  I love live music.  It’s where I feel the most alive!  Planning ahead and not dwelling on the past that someone else put on me.  F that! 



One thought on “Strength 

  1. YES!!! Do it! I love live music too and this year on boxing day I went out all by myself…for dinner and tehn to a pub where I knew about some live music. You have to embrace everything and only look up….when you can…in between…still have to honour the other side. Sending you love today!


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