I’ve helped a lot of elderly people with illnesses in my life.  Most closely my parents.  I know how to keep all staff at every emergency room, ambulance, iCU, specialty doctors, hospice nurses as well as primary care doctors all updated with records from each other.  If you think they just do this please know that they do not communicate unless you ask them to and if you ask to send records, most of they time they’re not sent unless you call both places back and forth until it’s done.  I understand they’re overworked.  So I took on these things as my job and I was good at it.  I’m still good at it.  Lots of mistakes are made of you aren’t keeping up with all the information.  Lots of errors are made.  More than anyone would ever be comfortable with.  It’s mainly due to communication and lack there of.

I’m bringing this up because someone I love dearly is sick.  She has the flu and bronchitis, which we all know is just a step before pneumonia, which I’m not certain she doesn’t have.  It is messing with her heart.  She is intubated because her lungs are so full of gunk that she can’t breathe, she is sedated because she is anxious and she’s been fed and hydrated because she can’t do it alone right now.  She could 2 days ago.  Just not today.  This is my children’s Granny.  My exes grandmother but she is just as much of a grandmother and friend to me.  I adore her.  I always have.  She is tough, she says it like it is, and she is very wise.  She has talk with me and prayed with me a lot during the difficult times with her grandson.  She is strong in her faith.  She sugar coats nothing and she gave me the most uncomfortable, descriptive information on breastfeeding before my first child was born.  It was absolutely hilarious.  There’s not that many times in life you want a 90 year old talking about nipples.  She’s a mess.  

I pray she’s going to be ok.  I’m not ready to lose her.  Are we ever ready to let go of anyone we love?  No.  She is strong.  She works out at the YMCA every morning at 5:00 and has for years.  She shags and loves to go out dancing.  She still does her own yard work and still drives.  She’s tough.  

I hope every one is watching her closely.  I hope they are being cautious about what meds they are giving her due to her age.  Did I mention that she’s 95.  I wish I could be there but I’m at home with a sick child.  I finally got one back to school and now the other one is sick.  So many germs!!!  I just wish I could be there.   Praying that this tough granny has many more years to come.  I love you Granny.




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