What’s up, Teeth?

This made me laugh because I am ALL TEETH!  My daughter’s 2 new grown up teeth are gigantic, she’s going to be all teeth too.  Currently she looks a little like a cute little beaver.  

It seems I don’t have tons to write about lately.  I have lots of drafts but nothing that seems worthy or interesting enough.  I’m not sure if I’ve just reached a lull in my emotion crazed mind or if I’m just tired.  I’ve had a sick kid home from school every day but one since last week.  I’m not sure how I survived when they were both home all the time.  The strength of being a mother.  You give up so much of yourself…willingly.  

I’ve eaten my words more since becoming a mother than I ever have.  How arrogant I was before.  Thinking I knew anything.  I didn’t know anything.  We all know the when I’m a mother I am never going to let my child act like that!  Laughable.  I remember clearly after having my first child saying I’m so glad I’ll never have to date again with this post pregnancy body.  Thanks life 😕.  I just need to keep my mouth shut. 

I guess I should be at ease with this moment of time where I have little to say.  At least I’m not losing it because of something awful happening.  Maybe next time it will be about something magical.  Let’s hope!



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