The Tree & the Wind

The wind whispered to the tree, hold on tight to me. As hard as the tree tried to grab the wind, he was just too hard to hold. With big gusts he moved quickly through her branches and slower breezes would only tickle her truck. She could never hold him within her branches. She could never push him against her trunk.

One summer day when the tree was at her proudest; green leaves, beautiful flowers turning into fruit, the wind suddenly surprised her. She heard his voice swooching in the distance. Out of nowhere, the sky turned dark and hard rain started to fall….but she could still hear the swooshing wind. I’m going to catch him today, she thought.
She noticed he was angrily blowing all around her. What had she done, she thought. Does he not see me?  Suddenly the tree felt the wind as it circled around her, almost like a dance. He was so strong he almost pulled her out of the ground, but he didn’t. Instead he circled her, dancing for a few more seconds before lifting off.

The little tree’s heart was pounding. She felt so loved, even if she couldnt hold on to him forever. She was happy just feeling the way she did when all of his attention was on her. She just remembered how safe he made her feel. She loved that feeling and would remember it forever. He was her wind and she would always know it even if he always blew away.

❤️Love – iom


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