Thoughts πŸ€”

It’s amazing how things that need to change never do.  Protocols are followed to cover asses and people aren’t treated as individuals.  Blows my mind how medical staff are trained as obedient robots giving anyone that makes a noise that sounds like they’re in pain, whether  you’re an 17 year old with broken bones, a 30 year old that just had a baby, or a 95 year old trying to gain strength back from the flu, protocol says OxyContin, so OxyContin it is.  Why are people so confused about all these people being addicted to these drugs?!?!?  Medical professionals throw them at everyone and then complains and makes fun of them when their prescriptions run out and they want more, because they’re addicted.  Are most people that fucking dense?!?!? This world we live in 😑!  Just venting!

On a separate and unrelated note…how is it that I’m the same bust myself and spill the beans person I’ve be since I was 5.  Isn’t it bizarre that we mostly are the same inside as we’ve always been.  Crazy.  I’ve just got to remember that someone will love me just the way I am…a loving, caring, passionate, wild, happy, forgetful, silly, procrastinating, disorganized, artsy, wounded,  wait to the last minute, obsessive, helper, early or late but never in time, likes to shake it, live music, frustrated, ready for new experiences person I am and without me changing a thing.  They will love me just the way I am.  Right?!?  

I just had deja vu  about writing this.  That’s always weird too.  Isn’t it?!?  


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