Connections have always interested me.  Why people click, want to hang out more, talk more, get closer to, and confide in more.  I know common interests leads as the top dog of reasons but the other, less obvious ones are what catch my interest.  Do we admire people and want to know them more?  Of course we do.  Do we like people who make us feel good about ourselves?  Absolutely.  Do we bond with people who need us?  Yes.  

People come and people go.  There are lifers and there are those who pass in and out like the seasons.  Everyone matters.  All connections change you, your thoughts, your life….a little.  Hopefully mostly for the best, but even when it’s not, there’s still always something gained.  Specifics aren’t needed here. 

I’ve been thankful for my lifers lately.  They’ve become my family.  There’s nothing that will ever pull us apart.  We’ve made it this long and we’ve known each other since childhood.  Through ups and downs.  Through bad stages and good.  Through lots and lots of laughter and just as many tears.  We tell each other like it is, argue at times but never do we ever stop loving each other.  Never.  That’s the kind of friendship everyone needs.  People you can count on.  Someone to put up with your shit and call you out on it without missing a beat.  People that will push you with your triggers just to show you that they’re nothing but things other people tried to cripple you with.  They help you, hold your hand, and tell you when you can’t do it yet, that it’s ok.  They won’t let you off with excuses that it’s just who you are now, because they knew you before and they know better.  Lifers, seasonal, and even ones who breeze in & out quickly all matter.   Friendships are life.  Connections to other people make us better people.  Simple as that.

With me losing my way, I had to take a real hard look at myself and some of my actions.  I have a habit of being really hard on myself but this time, I decided not to be.   I decided to be my own friend and to be kind to myself and to realize the truth.  Mistakes happen and don’t define me.  Sometimes they’re just bad days and sometimes they’re just moments you get lost in for a bit.  It has nothing to do with who you were the day before or who you’ll be tomorrow.  

Today I’ve been happy.  Ideas have been flowing and I feel inspired.  I’m planning my way out of this suffocating stand still.  Panic stay away…anxiety you too.  I believe in me.  I hope I continue to.  

❤️🦄🦋🐞🌈⭐️🌻🍀 ~ If Only Mommy


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