Momma and Mostly Daddy too

Most days I am mommy, momma, mama and it seems I also play the role of daddy.  I can do it but I wish I didn’t have to.  I wish they had a daddy they could count on.

The kids had their first school dance.  It was suppose to be daddy/daughter Mother/son.  He said he was going.  She asked me if it was ok if he could come  in after their Wednesday night dinner to see her new dress.  I said ok and she showed it off basically begging for his approval.  He left with a little see you Friday.  Which was the dance night.  I sent him a text Friday morning to not forget and a few hours later reminding him that he would be taking a photo with our daughter. He replied to that one. He wasn’t coming.  He’d make it up to her and they could have their own daddy/daughter dance.  That he would wear his tuxedo. He never called her.  He doesn’t get that she doesn’t care about him making it up to her.  You only have one first school dance. You can’t make that up.  You have to show up.  

It’s never going to end with this guy.  He will never put them before himself.  He hasn’t called them since Wednesday and he just didn’t show up.  It’s inexcusable.  The kids and I had a fun time and we took a picture together, the 3 of us.  

Today we took a road trip to the beach for the day and had a lot of fun.  I just love my babies.  They are so cute and so smart.  I’ve done everything for them their entire lives.  I know that they always know they can count on me.  Hopefully that will be enough.

Goodnight 💤 iom


5 thoughts on “Momma and Mostly Daddy too

  1. My heart breaks for your little girl. I could almost see her showing off her dress, daddy zoning out and “see you Friday” and then not showing up. Ahhh, it must have her her little heart so much. And not being called and apologised to. Make it up to her?? You’re right, there’s only one first dance. Parents need to show up. My husband is exactly the same as yours. Never puts our daughter above his own interest. Those few sentences you wrote about him and (not) showing up really really resonates with me. Your children are really blessed to have you as their mommy. Hugs


  2. Thank you. She never said a word about him. She’s conditioned now, it appears, to not count on him. To treat all his words, his promises, as lies. She hasn’t mentioned him all weekend until last night and she said, “I wish daddy would call”. She never wants to call him because he never answers and never calls back and that hurts worse than him not calling. He’s a dick and he doesn’t deserve them. He’s a coward to avoid the talks that are hard. He will never say he’s sorry. He will breeze past it like it never occurred. Like he did nothing wrong. The sad thing is, he really doesn’t think he did and he certainly doesn’t care.


  3. Oh fuck me. I’m struggling to do everything I can to show my own little girl love and affection to stop her from spiraling down. And here we have guys that think that it’s ok to miss just one more thing. This kind of stuff enrages me. I’m glad the kids have you.

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