She stood at under 5 feet tall but had the presence of someone much taller.  Her love for life was undeniable as was her love of her family.  She went to visit people she’d never met in the nursing home just to sing, You Are My Sunshine” and brighten up their day.  She loved her church.  She sat in the 2nd row center of the church most every Sunday.  Her faith was strong.  Every week day morning you could find her heading in the YMCA at 5:00am to do her workout.  Tuesday and Thursday she’d go in again later for Silver Sneakers, an exercise program geared towards seniors.  She loved life.  She worked hard to keep living it.

She taught my daughter how to sign Jesus Loves Me.  They both were so proud.  She had a special way to give me a break and rock my cranky little newborn boy to sleep on her knee.  We nicknamed it The Granny Slam.  She would hug my children constantly and say, “Do you know how much I love you.”  They’d just grin as she’d say, “I love you more than you’ll ever know” and she did.

She came to comfort me when my marriage to her grandson began to fall apart.  She’d tell me some of the struggles she’d had with her marriage and tell me how she survived.  Then she’d tell me I would too.  

She would tell you the truth whether you liked it or not but she had a natural ability to see all the good about you.  She would compliment often.  Once she came over and said to me, “You look absolutely stunning in that dress.  I can’t stop looking at you, you look so pretty.”  It of course made my day and I’m sure walked taller and smiled bigger from that unbelievably kind compliment.  She had a way about her.   She was one of a kind.

Granny left this world earlier this week to dance with the angels in Heaven.  And when I kissed her forehead, on the day she left this earth, I told her I loved her and would miss her.  I meant it it with all of my heart.  She was my bonus grandmother and for that I will be forever grateful. 

 Love you forever, Granny ❤️.


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