Easter prep, the Rad Bunny, and Jesus.  


Colorful Eggs

Can you hear the bunny 🐰?  The Easter Bunny is by far the creepiest of the holiday present bringing characters.  He is certainly around to ruin the rest of them.  He and the tooth fairy 🙄.  Seriously would you really want a big headed, scary as hell bunny hopping into your house, delivering a basket full of, unrelated to Jesus rising from the dead, treats.  I’m pretty sure that when Jesus was suffering for us he didn’t utter, “We shall name this important event Easter and you shall costume a person in the scariest of overgrown bunny gear to hop about and deliver baskets full of goodies to the children.”  There were no instructions regarding littering the yards of churches from town to town with small, colorful eggs filled with candy and if you’re lucky dolla bills yo.  Jesus and this Bunny never knew each other. I promise.  Jesus does love all the little children so I’d bet he’s cool with the rad Bunny.  As long as the kiddos are happy.  

Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail.  Hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way.  


🐰 🐔 ❤️ – iom


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