All of me 

Thoughts I try to keep in front of my emotions…

  1. If someone wants to be in your life they will try and not give up easily.  Those who barely try or push you away and pull you back don’t really care.  You are just a void filler for them when no one else is around.  
  2. Trust yourself.  Trusting others isn’t necessary.
  3. Needing someone to make you feel safe isn’t really a need.  You can take care of yourself.
  4. When bad things happen, the people that really care about you show up.  They contact you in some way to make sure you’re ok.  The ones that don’t, do not.  Don’t waste time on the ones who do not.  It’s a waste of time.  Love the ones who love you back.
  5. When someone toys with your emotions walk away…scratch that….RUN AWAY! 
  6. When someone does show you you’re worth their time, you’re worth a top spot in their lives, and you are someone they never want to be without, let them love you.  Let them know you.  Let them know all of you and be free and open with all of who you are.  You deserve big love and someone will smile everyday to be loved by every inch of you.  Everyday. Even hard days ❤️.
  7. Be smart about your choices.
  8. Never accept crumbs.
  9. Remember you are not replaceable.  Understand your worth.  Live it.

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