4 thoughts on “Exhausted 

    • It’s so sad. He never even thinks about it ever again and if they ever bring up anything he’s done wrong he punishes them by disappearing for a while. He’s been so exhausting lately.


      • My children are so happy to finally get some semblance of attention, they welcome him…and his tramp into their lives. He has never apologized to them…or me. He just feels entitled enough to expect “forgiveness” for THEIR shortcomings…meaning they should just “get over it.” They shouldn’t hold anything against him. True narcissist.
        We’ve been through the ringer, haven’t we? I am so glad that you still have your children in your life. Maybe someday, they will see him for what he is. Unfortunately for me…I lost my children.
        But, I’ll be okay and so will they. Even pretentious attention is better than none. 🙂


        • My children crave his attention too and settle for his bullshit over being a real parent. He also feels entitled enough to expect forgiveness. I’ve heard “get over it” far too many times. They seem like similar beasts.
          We *have* been through the ringer. I’m still going through it and have many more years of faux coparenting left to go. Whew! Sounds exhausting 😮! It almost doesn’t seem real, does it?


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