Twice Exceptional

Lately I'm afraid I'm failing my twice exceptional child. I never want him to feel like I did. Never. He will shine. I will never let him down even if I sometimes feel like I'm not doing enough. Hopefully the times I feel like I'm failing him are just times for me to search more and find what I'm looking for.

No one tells you these things about parenting. No one tell you about the worry and guilt. No one tells you how big the love is. I love my sweet little girl and my loving little boy with everything I have.


7 thoughts on “Twice Exceptional

  1. Here’s a tip. Those little buggers won’t remember anything until they reach puberty and some of them won’t even remember then. I once asked my children what they remembered the most about their childhood, thinking they would say something like “we remember how special you made our birthdays and the holidays…and we remember how you were always there…and we remember how you used to protect us from Loser when he was mad and ready to hit us.”
    Nope…when I asked them what they remembered, they said “you had headaches.” LOL
    (I suffered from migraine headaches for 28 years but it didn’t mean that I got a reprieve from housekeeping and rearing the children but I did ask them to try to be quiet. I guess that’s what they remember.)

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    • They better remember! Haha! I have migraines too so I hope that’s not what they remember. I won’t let them. I’m a joker so if they said that I’d pretend faint on the couch and act out a scene worthy of soup opera drama to get them laughing. Then they’d change their answer! Haha. Luckily growing up my parents not only swept things under the rug, in true southern style, but they also made jokes when things got too serious. Just recently at my children’s open house at their school, my daughter’s little project about her had a spot for “who’s your hero”. Her answer was, “I have no idea”! I walked by and said, “Whaaaaaat!” “I’m your hero.” She laughed and said, “No your not Mommy.” So I laughed and told her she just didn’t know yet but that the next time I walk by her room I’m scribbling my name in . Hahaha. I actually loved her answer. She’s so like that….like….I’m only 8. I don’t have a hero, people. I’m just trying to get through school.

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      • My children used to think I was hilarious. I loved playing jokes on them but that was when they were older.
        They don’t have anything to do with me now. They want their “old” mom back and she’s gone.
        It’s okay.


        • In my heart I feel like they’ll come around. Look where your son went when his problems were too big to deal with…to you. I think they know your love in unconditional and sometimes that means that they don’t treat you the way you deserve. They know you love them no matter what. I’m sure their father has fed them a bunch of bs and toyed with their emotions so they don’t know if they’re coming or going. It’s not okay but I understand you have to say that. It to protect you and I can see myself saying the same thing. You deserve better. People also get caught up in their own egos and hurt and go on the defense. When they need their mommy they will always come to you. No one replaces a mother. After all the cruel things your mother did to you (due to her own mental problems and not because of you) you still craved and wanted her love. No one replaces your mother. Even children placed in foster care due to mistreatment by their mother still run into her arms when they see her. No one replaces a mother. No one will ever replace you and yes they still need you but they’re stubborn.


          • My best friend (the one I call my RBS) used to say the same thing but just recently, she said she didn’t think they would ever reach out.
            I saw Loser last Monday and I told him that the girls were just exactly like him. Selfish, self-serving, self-lovers who only care about people who are just exactly like them.
            As far as a “mother.” The WTC is filling that role nicely, which is what she has always wanted. She calls my children “her family.”
            That’s another reason I say it’s okay. My children actually embrace that lying, cheating, abusive father and that adulterous, gold-digging WTC.
            I don’t want any part of that toxicity.

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