I’ve abandoned my site for a long time and I’m not back. Sometimes writing is therapeutic and others it is only a place for negativity. I needed and need not to record all of the bad…fears, regrets, anxiety. You know. I realized something recently and I wanted to put it here. At this age and time in life, to really know someone and to let them know you you must admit and share the hardest moments of your life, the ones that made you who you are, and the happiest ones. Those are the things that really define who we are. Daily life can be shuffled through, good deeds and doing things for others can just happen but they don’t tell our real story. They may make us appear to be good people, and we might be, but it doesn’t say who we are. There’s a risk, letting someone in like this, as they can use the information to hurt you, as I know well, but until you take a risk you’ll always be alone. Alone even in a relationship, Alone even with friends.

Life lesson. Trust is scary.

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