Not The Same

I’m not the same as I use to be. I’m a lot more of some and less of others. I’m a lot stronger in lots of ways and weaker in a few. I’m a lot braver than before but still afraid at times, with certain things…but I’m ok. Ok. I’m at peace with ok.

This life we are all living can be good and it can be bad but it’s the only life we have. When I dig down deep to figure out what’s important in mine it all comes down to very simple things. I need to give love, to be loved, to help others when I can, I need to laugh, hug lots, listen to music and enjoy the breeze on warm days. I need to watch the sun set and continuously be amazed by how beautiful it is. Simple things are my life blood. Keeping up with others is not.

I’m not the same as I use to be, I’m better. I’m better for understanding what matters and what doesn’t. Love the ones that love you and stop chasing after people that don’t.


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